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Traveler’s Digital Info Board

What is the E-Info?

- Is the Software which is designed by Innovative solutions & E-Marketing to replace the traditional Info board with a Kiosk touchscreen 23” “terminal” ,located at the hotels with installed software "E-Info 1.0.1 "connected to the database via internet and the Travel Agents can access & update their data going through our E-Info official website with a login name and password provided by the developer.

- All data and content will be loaded manually by the Travel Agents to their agreed brands and once saved all this data will be published at the hotel's terminal & website within agreed time for synchronization.

- All the data will be saved locally in the hotel's terminals in order to avoid any data loss and to work in offline mode in case of internet disconnection-The Travel Agents will use the "E-Info" to show their information's at the hotels and to provide their customers with different information's such as general information's about the country, tour leader's information's, info meeting's schedule, Departure & pickup timetable, Excursions' photos & description.

- All the data provided by the Travel Agents will be published on the official website of the e-info board "
www.einfoegypt.com " .

- The terminals & the website will be used as well as an advertising channel promoted and sold by the developer for the travel agent's promotional materials or their subcontractors ,services' suppliers, hotels, or any other agreed services against agreed fees.


Comparison Info Board eInfo
Display Black & White /Color printed A4 Digital Touch Screen HD
Information's Capacity 4-6 Pages Unlimited
Cost of Printed materials Variant No
Information's distrbution Daily Hotel to Hotel Distrbution Web Application
Cost of distrbution Variant No